Missy's Monday Minutes

Finish February strong!

You can make anything happen!

A stylist friend of mine was at Starbucks the other day doing her S&D work when she overheard some businessmen chatting. Who is guilty of this?

"I find we stare at the problem too long.

I know I am at times! Are you staring at a calendar that is not as full of trunk shows as you'd like? Are you staring at your Glam Points wishing some sponsoring points or promotion points would magically appear? Are you staring at the phone wishing someone would call you back?



Congrats to the following girls on already being qualified for Feb!

Melissa Braithwaite, Stefanie Ott, Andrea Petrone, Dianne Kern, Kelly Hockenberry, Jill Marsilii, Kathy Riccio, Megan Harkin, Shannon Burgwald, Suzy Dillinger, Bonnie Frain, Rachel Cogan, Lauren Harrington, Daniela Glomb, Jessica Deford (CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST TRUNK SHOW!!!!!), Linda Lyons, Ashley Kratzsch, and Lisa Mondok.

You girls ROCK!