Virtual Resume

Amneet Khaira

Academic SMART Goal

Specific-By the end of my academic year, I want to be able to achieve a low-mid ninety percent average in all of my courses this semester.

Measurable-The courses I am taking this semester are Marketing, Career Studies, Science, and Business. To keep track of how I am doing in each course, I would need to constantly talk to my teachers about where I am and how I could raise my mark percentage wise through mark updates. To take matters into my own hands, I think it would be effective for me to make a chart on my whiteboard where I could list the marks I am getting in each course in terms of tests, assignments, and quizzes so I can visually see where I am going wrong, have an idea of my mark and where exactly I need to improve. (ex. worst mark is on tests, meaning I need to improve studying methods/spend more time studying before a test)

Action-To achieve my goal, I will have to take many small steps. First of all, I plan on asking more questions in class since being shy is one weakness I have. I need to speak more in class so the teacher is aware that I understand and also ask for help when I do not understand. Also, I could ask my peers when I do not understand something and make a study group with my friends in class where we could help each other without plagiarizing of course since I am good at collaborating and learn quite well in groups where I can share what I know as well as acquire information. My strength which will help me reach this goal is that I am really hard-working and dedicated to my commitments meaning that I will try my best and give 100% to all of my coursework.

Realistic-I think that I can really achieve this goal because looking at midterms I must maintain my mark in marketing and business but raise my mark in science. Although, it is still doable because according to me I am close enough to my goal to reach it in time for finals. This goal is important to me because I work hard in school and want to see myself succeed and make my parents proud. In addition, I took some of my most liked courses this semester, and would like to see myself do exceptionally well.

Time-My time frame to achieve this goal is from now upto final report card this year which will be distributed in June. The smaller goals I will set for myself to help me achieve my final goal are setting alarms for everyday so I am constantly reminded to finish all my work on time so I can get enough sleep to learn in class the next day. Also, I think it is effective if I

Volunteering SMART Goal

Specific- Before the beginning of grade eleven in September, I want to finish 500 hours of community service.

Measurable-To achieve this goal as it is quite big, I will have to follow a series of steps. First, I will make sure to ensure I have a ride to the volunteer place; my mom who can drive me to and from the various places that I choose to volunteer at including the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Sikh temple. Also, I have already achieved 58 hours of community service from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, making my hours easily measurable because the manager herself signed off the hours without reminders when I worked there each week. Also, I can measure and track my goal by dividing up the hours by amount of days I plan on working. After doing the math, I found that in the next three months I will (June, July, August) work five hours on weekdays and eight hours on weekdays to achieve my goal.

Action-The actions that I will take to help myself achieve this goal are staying motivated to complete this goal and recognizing my strengths and weaknesses. Another weakness of mine is that I get bored very easily and am only motivated to do something when I am interested in the work. To stay motivated, I will have one of my friends or cousins that want to also achieve the same goal as me join me in achieving it! My strength is that I am a good listener and a quick learner which are skills that come in handy at any working environment and will help me achieve my goal!

Realistic-I think that I can achieve this goal and it is really doable because I already have 58 hours-giving me bit of a head start and experience of volunteer work which also does the same. In addition, it is important for me to achieve in order to be a active member of society and be eligible for acknowledgement resulting in scholarships and much more.

Time-The time frame to achieve this goal is before grade 11 in September, giving me about three months. The smaller goals I will set to help achieve the final one are going to help me in managing my time and adjustment. To prepare for 5-8 hours of volunteer work I will first work on weekends this month for as much time as possible even though I will be able to do more in the summer because I will have more time.

Transitions and Change Video

Copy of careers culminating video res.


I am a compassionate, experienced and dedicated radiologist seeking a job in the radiology department at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario.


Michael G. DE Groote School of Medicine


Hamilton, Ontario

September 2022-July 2025

McMaster University

Bachelors of Science Degree

Hamilton, Ontario

September 2018-May 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014-June 2018

Work Experience

High School Hospital Co-op

Brampton Civic Hospital July 2017-August 2017

· Experienced in assisting in various jobs like CT Scan

· Became more responsible due to daily responsibilities expected to complete

· Increased compassion for the ill

· Knowledge obtained of hospital terminology which would be useful in career

Brampton, Ontario

July 2017-August 2017


Varsity Basketball

· MVP Award

Brampton, Ontario

September 2016-February 2017

LASS Ambassadors

· Became helpful in after school events

(grade 9 parents night)

Brampton, Ontario

September 2016-February 2017

International Languages Program (Punjabi)

· Became fluent in additional language

· helpful tool to have at the workplace in the future

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014-June 2017

Social Justice Club (school)

· Gained knowledge of social justice issues September 2014-December 2014

· Learned that small steps can make a big difference!

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014-December 2014

Kumon Mathematics

· Multiple level completion certifications and redeemed points

· Practiced high level mathematics and patience while working for multiple hours with young kids

Brampton, Ontario

June 2015-June 2016

Volunteer Experience

Recreational Center Volunteer (Animal Services, Fitness and Childcare)

Brampton Soccer Center

· Working with people of different ages

· Responsible for particular jobs

· Helping people in my community to become more active and healthy; and most importantly get outdoors!

Brampton, Ontario

September 2016-October 2016

Studio 89

Charity Cafe

· Working in fast-paced environment

· Attending multiple customers at the same time

Brampton, Ontario

June 2016-August 2016

Ste Louise Outreach Center of Peel

Food/Clothing Bank

· Working in fast-paced environment

· Serving people in need

· Learning to solve problems while working with others

Brampton, Ontario

July 2016-August 2016

Maple Grove Community Care

Retirement Home

· Experience of providing care or help to seniors in my community

Brampton, Ontario

June 2016-August 2016

Skills and Abilities

  • Sense of responsibility expressed through initiative

  • Language skills (fluent in English and Punjabi, can understand Hindi)

  • Effective oral, interpersonal and written communication skills

  • Positive attitude and behavior

  • Computer skills (word, excel, powerpoint)

  • Ability to manage information in a highly organized manner

  • Willingness to keep learning

  • Can handle cash, prepare bills and make payments


Volleyball MVP

September 2016

Student of the Month Award

September 2016

B.Sc. Honor Degree

May 2022

English Award in Grade 8

June 2013

Multiple PRIDE awards from Fernforest Elementary School

September 2006

Honor student

June 2015


First Aid and CPR

May 2016

Babysitting Course

July 2014

Hobbies and Interests

  • a hobby of mine is drawing/sketching

  • enjoy spending time outdoors

  • interest in social justice issues


  1. Werner Heisenberg, Professor, McMaster University, (905) 525 9140

  2. Laura Kennedy, Head Volunteer, Maple Grove (905) 458 7604

Workplace Challenges and Solutions

Working Hours

At one point, radiologists used to work a more standard and predictable workweek. Although, now the amount of hours that radiologists work is likely to be extended because medical placements like hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities are taking on a higher number of cases. Before, they only provided imaging to their patients during what could be considered regular business hours meaning that radiologists worked approximately 40 hours a week. This is quite a challenge because now radiologists will have to work longer hours and take on more cases resulting in them having a higher chance of being worn out each week, receiving multiple “on-call) duties and being quite disorganized because like doctors that work with patients regularly, they would too be forced to balance multiple cases at a time. This challenge can be overcome through the use of various resources and actions that need to be taken. Radiologists can manage their time and work through the long hours and still have a life outside of medicine. First, radiologists can have nurses triaging the incoming calls for same-day visits and handle the patient needs in order of most to least important so the most important issues can be taken longer to be addressed and smaller ones can take less time. Also, the use of technology can definitely speed-up the work for doctors like radiologists. This is why they should use technology like EHR’s (electronic health record) to forward patient messages as fast as possible. To make things even more fast and efficient, radiologists can solve medical cases during lunch so the delay for patients is short as possible.

Physical Work

Another challenge that radiologists have to face in the workplace is physical work. In my opinion, the physical work required for this job can be a greater disadvantage for some radiologists more than for others. This is because some radiologists may not mind having to assist people that are injured or disabled occasionally. Although, one thing that is definitely not occasional is that radiologists would be standing for long periods of time when on the job, resulting in radiologists being tired or having sore feet. This is a challenge that can be overcome easily with resources and actions. First of all, radiologists can buy soft sole shoes that can help make their feet more comfortable so they will be able to work. In addition, I think all doctors, not just radiologists should strongly consider avoiding sandals and heels because they will be uncomfortable as radiologists work long hours standing.


Unions can be a problem in some professions more than others. A labor union is an organization used to represent the collective interests of workers in negotiations with employers over important workplace factors like wages, hours and working conditions but a challenge could be that an individual may be forced to join a union when they do not wish to. They could not want to join a union because of the disadvantages it holds. These include a system of abuse and the fact that hard workers are devalued. This is because in many cases labor workers know exact rules and sometimes twist words of a business in their favor. Also, hard workers are devalued since they will work harder than others but still receive the same exact pay. You can avoid joining a union by letting your co-workers know that your boss gives the workers a voice by constantly giving them good pay, etc. In addition no law requiring employees to become union members or requiring union dues be paid.

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