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Rudy Alcantar and Juan Romero


Do you know the process of convection? Convection is a multi step process that happens when hot air meets cold air.The heat circulates around a cold room.For exaple a hot ballon uses heat to lift off by pushing the cool air out that is called convection.The hot air is a less dence air, which allows it to rise because the air outside of the ballon is more dence then the hot air which allows it to rise.


It's really rare seeing convection but it occurs in are everyday life. For exaple heating and air conducting is a way of convection. Convection is also important to the world because it helps circulate air in the atomosphere.It can also move the tectonic plates because the warm materials in the earths mantel it continuously rises and falls.That is called convection cells. In conclussion we learned that all of these ways convection works is healthy for are world and sometimes for you
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