30 Days to Healthy Living

This page contains everything you will need for your journey to living healthy! Combine this with one-on-one support from your Arbonne Consultant and you're sure to have a great experience and move towards your Healthy Living goals over these next 30 days! If you have questions about the products, how you are feeling, or just need share some wins, be sure to connect with your Consultant! They are here for you every step of the way!

Your 30 Days to Healthy Living Kit contains all the Arbonne nutrition products you'll need to do the program. If it has arrived already - great! If not - it should be arriving in the next few days! Scroll down for more information on the products in your kit and how to use them!

Please enjoy our 30 Days to Healthy Living Facebook Group as an additional resource/support tool for you to tap into during the program! This is a great place to learn, get accountability from other participants, discover recipes, ask questions, and share successes! If you'd like to be added please ask your consultant to add you.

Let's do this!


Here are your 7 Simple Steps for Getting Started!

  1. DECIDE! There is no more important step than you DECIDING to be ALL IN for the next 30 Days! And one thing is for sure - you can do ANYTHING for 30 Days! It really does come down to the decision to do it 100%! Take a few minutes to journal around what you’re committed to achieving when it comes to your health over these next 30 Days & beyond! How do you want to look? Feel? Think about how that will feel when you reach that goal! Remind yourself of that feeling when you want to quit or go off track!
  2. TEXT YOUR ARBONNE CONSULTANT and let them know what day you're starting! This way you'll have each others contact info as you'll be in touch often throughout the month! Their one-on-one support is a huge part of having a successful 30 Days experience.
  3. READ THROUGH THIS RESOURCE PAGE IN FULL! This page welcomes you to the program, will walk you through what the program is about and why, and show you where to find everything you need to get off to a successful start to your 30 Days!
  4. DOWNLOAD/PRINT/GET TO KNOW YOUR 30 DAYS CHEAT SHEET! This document is your “go-to” guide for the next 30 Days! If it’s the only tool you had/followed you would have an amazing experience and incredible results!
  5. GO GROCERY SHOPPING & GET PREPARED! Get rid of all temptations in your fridge/cupboards and fill your kitchen with healthy choices! You’ll find the Weekly Meal Plans (including grocery lists!) in the 30 Day Resource Page and in the files section of this Facebook page. You can follow these plans exactly, a little, or make your own meals/recipes as long as they follow the guidelines of the program!
  6. GET YOUR ARBONNE ESSENTIALS PRODUCTS READY TO GO! You’ll learn all about the products in our 30 Day Resource Guide noted below. If you have any questions regarding the products please reach out to your Arbonne Independent Consultant!
  7. TAKE YOUR BEFORE PICS! Even if your goal in the program isn’t weight loss it’s important to get a clear picture of where you’re at before you start the program so you can fully see the transformation in your body and health! Trust me on this one...you don't ever have to share them but just take them!


Here you will find all the "need-to-know" information and tools to have a successful 30 Days to Healthy Living experience! First we'll start with the HOW of the program!

The How To of The Program

1. Your Nutrition Kit

Click here for full details & instructions for your Nutrition Kit! You might also enjoy looking through this guide which goes through our full Nutrition line in more detail!

2. 30 Days to Healthy Living Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is your EVERYTHING for the next 30 Days! Get to know this and follow it's SIMPLE steps as often as you can and you'll have the BEST 30 Day experience and results!

Click Here for the cheat sheet.

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3. Exchange List

The EXCHANGE LIST (click for PDF) is your quick reference guide to keep you on track and making choices over the next 30 Days that ADD HEALTH to your body! It may seen daunting at first but trust me, once you get the hang of it you are going to LOVE this new way of eating & living! Remember the "Include" side is just ideas/suggestions...you can include ANYTHING that's not on the eliminate side!

4. Weekly Meal Plans

HERE you'll find all of the weekly meal plans, recipes & grocery lists. During this program you are welcome to follow the recipes exactly or make your own recipes as long as you stay within the exchange list! Have fun, try new things, and know that healthy eating is meant to be DELICIOUS & SATISFYING!

5. Healthy Living Tracker

This is a great tracker that can help you stay on track with your new daily habits/commitments! There is also space for you to add in some extra goals/habits of your own.
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6. Food Prep Tips for Beginners

PREPPING FOOD IS KEY to your success with this program. It will make your life so much easier and on days when you are super busy, you will have all the pieces ready to go to throw a meal together in minutes! Click here for some great food prep tips to use during your 30 Day experience!

Here's a great tip from a seasoned participant:

"I put aside time after a grocery shop to do all my chopping and pre-cooking, that way it is all just part of the time it takes for me to stock our kitchen and I am not having to set aside more time to do it. So while groceries are being put away I have eggs boiling, quinoa cooking and I am chopping veggies. Make sure you have pre-cooked proteins in your fridge (chicken, ground turkey, hard boiled eggs) and a rainbow of veggies chopped up. I do bell peppers, carrots, purple cabbage, cucumbers, so they are all just easy to grab and go for lunches, or grab and toss in a pan/pot for a quick dinner. I always have pre-cooked brown rice or quinoa in the fridge too! Then if there is any left at the end of the week (usually there isn't) I do a hearty soup or chili and throw everything in a pot with some organic diced tomatoes and veggie stock that can either be frozen for meals for later or eaten!"

The Why of the Program

This program was put together by experts in the fields of Health & Nutrition to really maximize your results, both during the 30 Days & Beyond! Focusing on these 5 areas together sets your body up to WIN and allows you to create change in how you look AND feel so you can go out and live your BEST LIFE! All 5 areas are supported and enhanced by Arbonne's whole food, plant-based nutrition products that are Certified Vegan and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and artificial colors, flavours and sweeteners!


1. Eat Clean

This plan focuses on eating organic, non-GMO foods free of preservatives, additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors and all other toxins. Food is fuel. Organic fruits and vegetables contain up to 40% more antioxidants than those conventionally grown. This plan will help you learn how to fuel your body for optimal health by eating clean, close to nature.

2. Increase Nutritional Intake

Due to the overabundance of pre-packaged and fast food, many people today are overweight yet malnourished. This condition can be reversed by eating whole foods and supplementing with nutrients to fill in possible deficiencies created by mineral deficient farm soils.

3. Eliminate Allergenic, Addictive, & Acidic Foods

Many people experience symptoms of premature aging or poor health and have no idea that the solution may be as simple as removing possible food allergens & sensitivities. This plan includes removing possible allergenic foods like gluten, dairy, soy and processed sugars. If you cringe at the thought of removing a certain food, chances are, you are sensitive to it.

4. Balance Blood Sugar

The 30 Day Clean Eating Program encourages eating low on the glycemic index for many reasons. The high, moderate and low “glycemic index” is a measure of how a given food affects blood-sugar levels, with each food being assigned a numbered rating. The lower the rating, the more gradual the infusion of sugars into the bloodstream and the more balanced the blood sugar. High glycemic meals cause you to feel hungry soon after you eat. Eating low glycemic meals reduces hunger cravings. When blood sugar goes up in response to a high glycemic meal a process called “glycation” takes place, which promotes thinning of the skin, wrinkles and wrinkles. It’s not just candy bars and cupcakes that elevate blood sugar. Pasta, bread, potatoes, white rice and high glycemic fruits are also responsible.

5. Support Elimination Organs

As good as the 30 Day Clean Eating Program is, it would be incomplete if it did not support the body’s FOUR elimination pathways: the liver, kidneys, intestines and your largest detoxifying organ, your skin. It is nearly impossible to avoid the toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis. If toxins enter your body faster than they are removed, you will experience signs of toxicity. If on the other hand, you give your body the support it needs to eliminate these toxins, it will perform optimally.

*All 5 areas are supported by ARBONNE’S nutritional line that is certified vegan and free of gluten, dairy, soy, and artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners!