Wind Energy



The advantages of wind power is that its a clean fuel source. It does not pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas. Wind turbines don't produce atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gasses. It is a domestic source of energy, it is sustainable, it costs effective, and it can be built on exhisting farms or ranches.

How to overcome(solutions) disadvantages

How to overcome the disadvantages of wind energy is to have less electricity generators because it won't improve, have less turbines because it can kill birds. Have an exact speed. If too slow, it is not economical for the turbines to run because they are expensive to run. And if it's fast, it's a rule that the turbines are to be shut down for the safety of people getting hurt. Do not store in large scales, it will be impossible to have wind blowing daily. It is important the energy storage is enough. Lastly, put them in a specific places, not near peoples houses due to having problems/complaints about the reception of their television.