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1/3/22 - Catherine Pusch, Principal

Welcome Back!

School Starts again for students on Tuesday the 4th (no school Monday). We will not have busses this week.

Masks Optional Starting in January

At the Board of Education regular meeting Tuesday, the Board passed the following motion to remove the districtwide masking requirement beginning next semester:

  • Move to make masks optional at every district facility and for all students and staff operating under authority of Fairbanks North Star Borough Board of Education, starting January 3, 2022.

Students and staff are required to continue to wear a mask when in school buildings for the remainder of the first semester and through winter break.

The district will continue using a layered approach to COVID mitigation. Targeted masking may be required of staff and students in situations where the heightened protection protocol is in place.Families and staff are encouraged to continue using the free testing services available. It is important that students and staff continue to practice the mitigation strategies that are in place, such as regular hand washing and staying home if you're not feeling well.

At Home Tests Now Available

FNSBSD enrolled students and staff now have access to at-home COVID-19 antigen testing kits. These tests are intended for non-symptomatic students or adults. These kits do not replace the need for PCR testing for symptomatic individuals or surveillance testing for sports and special district activities. PCR testing is available to school district staff and students at three locations in a partnership with Beacon.

These kits are a convenient way to monitor for COVID-19 and make informed and responsible decisions following travel or prior to group gatherings. Over-the-counter antigen tests can be self-administered at home in a matter of minutes and are designed to be easy to use.

When over-the-counter antigen tests are useful:

  • To help families make informed and responsible decisions and maintain healthy schools

  • To monitor for possible COVID-19 illness

  • To monitor following a close contact of confirmed COVID-19

  • To test before or after attending an in-person event or gathering

  • To test people after they travel

How will these be distributed?

More information

  • All the needed materials (including a nasal swab and easy-to-follow instructions) are included in the box.

  • Each at-home test kit comes with two cards for two separate tests. If either one of the two test results are positive, people should consider themselves positive. A subsequent negative card does not overrule a positive.

  • Please report positive results to your school nurse and follow the FNSBSD Wellness Check.

  • More information about at-home tests is available at CDC Self-Testing.

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Winter Gear on Busses

Please make sure your students have their winter gear on when getting on the bus. If there is a breakdown or accident, warm gear will be essential. Also our bus drivers have requested that student have something reflective on their clothing. This time of year is can be very difficult for drivers to see students at their stop. Please attach something reflective to your child's clothing to help our drivers keep everyone safe!

Our Bus Schedule- This is a NO BUS WEEK

As we get into the routine of alternating busses and no busses, here are a few reminders.

Bus Weeks:

  • The building will open to students at 8:45am
  • Normal Parent Pick-up time at 3:30

No Bus Weeks:

  • The building will open to students at 8:00am
  • Pick-up at 3:00 and 3:30.
  • Please call the office with any changes

Our NO Bus Schedule

The week of:

January 4th-7th

January 18th-21st

Durham Bus Services

Call DURHAM Dispatch for student drop-off/pick-up issues, late buses, missed stops, driver complaints, service issues, and lost items.
Fairbanks: 907-206-7789 (6:00am-5:30pm)
Moose Creek/North Pole: 907-206-7789, option 4 (6:00am-5:00pm)

Students must REGISTER for the bus prior to riding.

To comply with Federal requirements, all riders must wear face coverings on school buses, as they are considered part of public transportation. Face coverings will be available for students if they do not have one.

Two Weeks at a Glance

January 3rd-7th:

*** No Busses this Week***


  • No School- Teacher Work Day


  • School Resumes

January 10-15th:

*** Busses this Week***

Regularly Scheduled Week

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