Animal Abuse

A serious issue world wide

How do the animals feel?

Just imagine how it would feel to be starved, beaten, trapped and completley helpless. Animals should be treated with respect, not as if they were property. These poor, innocent animals have done nothing to humans to make us treat them badly.(Pathos) Big name companies such as seaworld,aquariums, and/or zoos have a tendency to mistreat their animals. Zoos, aquariums and bigger parks (like seaworld) starve their animals for days at a time. They use food as a bribe to get the animals to do what they want. The problem is,once the animals perform, they don’t reward them. Then they trap them in small cages for hours and even days until they are needed.

What does Animal Abuse look like?

Animal abuse takes shape in many different places and kinds. There are dog fights,cock fights, greyhound racing, illegal breeding, starvation and more. By making animal abuse felony, have a larger bail ,and longer jail time we can help free the animals, we can save them from starvation, we can give them good homes to live in and we can give them people who love them