can social media affect someone?

Omar Pliego, Literacy 9th - 03/6/15

Selfie-improvement apps go too far

Teens use apps to edit their own features but at some point they have crossed the line. When teens compare themselves to others they consider “ better” they would like to change or perfect their own bodies through the used of apps. When Teens view celebrities or whoever they look up to in social media “fresh-faced”, they can become negative about their own natural appearance.

media affects teens & young adults

There are negative sides of the media that can be especially harmful to teens and young adults.

Too much media can affect teens schooling by getting low scores and doing bad in general.

Another factor that affects young adults and teens is the media because their can be prevention towards daily exercise. Teens & young adults are put in perspectives where they can fall apart from themselves due to “Perfect bodies”.Violence is another negative side because teens is another negative side because teens can become violent with their behavior through the use of media.

Negative impacts of advertisements

Advertisements may use false images that can be harmful to men and females, in addition to the false images, they're just too unrealistic.Advertisements give expectations that are not “ accurate”, they use resources or products to make others actually expect the expectations, an example is “ Health & beauty” products. Advertisements can affect people in ways that cause them to change or want products.

Synthesis of articles

The media can potentially affect someone in a bad way. Some people never realize that the media has negative effects. First, the media can negatively affect how teens feel about themselves. The models in advertisements make teens feel like they should have the “perfect body.” Some teens even use “Selfie” apps to make themselves look better in photos than in person. In addition to the media giving out false and unrealistic information, there are a variety of other ways the media can potentially affect someone. The media can cause teens to have low self esteem, do poorly in school, and view more violence. Most importantly, the media can change people.

Evidence and elaborations

  • How the media affects teens & young adults

“ Seeing violent behavior on tv or through other forms of media can also make young adults act more violently.”

Seeing violence through any type of technology in general can affect kids to become more violently. In addition, seeking violence in anyway education could also be affected. Not only can violence affect the behavior in general but also affect them in school, causing them to do bad in test grades, no homework turn ins and bad school behavior.

  • When selfie-improvement apps go too far

“ Kids begin setting impossible beauty standards for themselves .”

From this quote, I know that kids start developing new “ perfect” looks for their body’s image, the media could be a reason to why teens would want to change.

  • Negative impacts of advertising

“ Advertising influences how people feel about themselves often in a negative way”

The example of false images can be used in advertising to persuade viewers to try new products. Which can affect the product users in a negative way, for example if they are not comfortable with their own personal appearance, no doubt they would not use anything to fix themselves. The fact that they’d want to change is why media could affect someone in a negative way.

Thoughts of overall project

Pre thoughts:

As in date, people aren't the same they have been affected someway by the media.

I chose this topic because I can use outside references to help me with this project. There are articles where people share how they feel towards the media and how it has changed many people in many ways.

During Thoughts:

So far during this research, I have learned that there’s actually a variety of ways that the media could affect people in opposite of what we really think. It’s interesting that the media can affect someone little by little, in ways that you don’t recognize. I wonder if the teens that are being affected by the media notice that they're actually the ones being affected rather than others.

Post Thoughts:

After doing this research about my topic on “ how can the media potentially affect someone” I learned that in reality someone can really be affected although we might not know how. I realized that not many people actually know that they're the ones being affected somehow. If i were to share something to someone about this research i'd reflect on how there is a variety of negative contributions in the media. Coming together and doing all this research was quite easy because I put all my skills that I learned from the beginning of the semester to help me put this piece together. Using the skills that I’m now more better at really helped and made things much easier. If another research project is on its way in the future, i'd say this inquiry project will help me somehow.