The Mennies Weekly

Lights, Camera, Action...You're a Star at Mennies

Weeks of December 14th

Monday, December 14th

  • Day 5
  • $10 for Staff Holiday Breakfast due in office to Maria

Tuesday, December 15th

  • Day 1

Wednesday, December 16th

  • Day 2
  • Holiday Concert Gr. K,1 2:00
  • Dress your Best Day K,1

Thursday, December 17th

  • Day 3
  • Holiday Concert Gr. 2,3 2:00
  • Dress your Best Day 2,3

Friday, December 18th

  • Day 4
  • Holiday Concert Gr. 4,5 2:00
  • Dress your Best Day 4,5
  • Staff 50/50 to benefit the CCSPCA in memory of Mr. Fred Rosi and Mr. Michael Lopergolo.

News You Can Use!

A reminder to all Basic Skills, ESL, Guidance...we will need your assistance in the APR with Holiday Shows beginning at 1:45 on Wed, Thurs, Friday.

Please encourage your students to remain in school after their performance. Dress Down Day on 12/21 for all who stay!

A reminder that $10 is due for the Staff Holiday/Ugly Sweater Breakfast on Monday. Thank you!

Words of Wisdom

he Whirling of Things

Eyes blinded by the fog of things
cannot see truth.
Ears deafened by the din of things
cannot hear truth.
Brains bewildered by the whirl of things
cannot think truth.

~ Harold Bell Wright, The Uncrowned King

With something to think about . . .So much to do, buy, and prepare! This time of year can be frantic for many of us. All our sensations are in overdrive, making it difficult to see, hear or think clearly! We are moving in so many different directions that we can forget to be fully present and tuned into what's important in our lives. Joy is not found in things, and certainly not in stress. To those looking up to you in the whirl of this season, model the meaningful over the material and the serenity that comes with slowing down.

Remember to take care of yourself.

Don't let the whirl of activity going on this time of year distract you from what fulfills you.


Are you using Read and Write for Google? If not, you should! It's free for educators.

Google Chrome Web App that increases the accessibility of the text of documents in your Google Drive account. After installing the app you will see a Read & Write tab appear at the top of your browser window whenever you have a document open in Google Drive. Clicking that Read & Write tab will open a menu of accessibility options.

Some of the accessibility options include a picture dictionary and a talking dictionary. To use either dictionary just highlight a word then click on the dictionary that you want to use. The dictionary that you select will pop-up in your document. Read & Write will also read the text of your documents aloud. In the settings menu you can select from nine voices and three playback speeds

Register for it here.

Happy Birthday!

None this week!

Mark Your Calendar


16-Holiday Concert Gr. K,1 2:00

17-Holiday Concert Gr. 2,3 2:00

18-Holiday Concert Gr. 4,5 2:00

21-Dress Down Day for Students who remained after the Holiday Concert

22-Polar Express Day

23-Staff Holiday Breakfast! Wear your Ugly Sweaters! 2:05 Dismissal


4-School Reopens. Faculty Meeting after bus dismissal

4-referrals due for Jan I and RS Meeting

11-PTO Meeting 6 pm

12-I and RS Meetings

13-Mobile Dentist Here

18-School Closed

21-Volunteers here from CCC for MLK Day of Service 10-11:30