World Water Day- March 22nd

Got Science

Grades K - 2

Water Conservation

Watch Cheeko talk about ways we can protect and conserve the Earth's water.
Cheeko on saving water

The Water Cycle

Next, learn about the water cycle by watching the video below.
Complete the Water Cycle here!

Click on this button to play.

Next, complete one of the three options below.

Option 1

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April 22nd: Earth Day

Water conservation is only one part of how we can help our Earth. Earth Day is April 22nd. Watch the video below to find out how else our Earth is in trouble. Then, complete the activity below.

Option 1 Activity: Scavenger Hunt

Find a friend to complete this Earth Day Scavenger Hunt.

Step 1: Click on the button below to print the scavenger hunt.

Step 2: Talk to friends, family and neighbors to find whose name you can put in each box.

Step 3: Submit the scavenger hunt in the forum below.

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Click here to print!

Option 2

Make it Rain!

In this experiment you will see the water cycle in action! Click on the button below for materials and directions.

After completing the experiment, take a picture of your rain machine and tell me whether or not you were able to make it rain in the forum below.
Click here to Make it Rain!

Click this button to get your materials list and directions.

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Option 3

How Much Water?

Every individual can help conserve water by becoming more aware of personal water usage. In this video segment, cast members predict and and then compare how much water they each use during a typical shower.
ZOOM Season 7 - ZOOM Sci: Shower Estimation

Option 3 Activity

If you choose to complete this option, follow the steps below.
Step 1: Watch the video above.
Step 2: Answer the following questions (you will be posting your answers in the forum below).
  • Why does it matter how much water you use in the shower?
  • What are some ways you can conserve water at home?
Step 3: Print and complete the Student and Family Pledge to Filter Out Bad Water Habits.
Click here to print!

Student and family pledge to filter out bad water habits.

Optional Games

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Play: Tip Tank

Water conservation starts with you - so go have some fun and learn new tips by playing this game.

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Play: Water Sense

Move Flo through water pipes while avoiding water-wasting monsters!

Thank you for participating in:

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