Mrs. Hall's Class

Week of September 19-23

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Upcoming Events and Announcements

  • Homecoming preorders and t-shirt orders are due September 21st. A packet of homecoming information has already come home in your child's folder. You can access the homecoming packet online by clicking here.
  • Test folders will be coming home on Tuesday. Please review all papers, sign, and return the folder back to school the next day. You may keep the papers.
  • Check out Senora Lott's newsletter by clicking here


Lesson 5: Teacher's Pets

Lesson 5 Test will be on Friday, September 23rd

Lesson 5 skills include:

  • Consonant Blends with r,l,s
  • Story Structure
  • Singluar and Plural Nouns
  • Base words and Endings -ed, -ing

On Thursday, students will bring home their text book and reading packet to use when studying for the test. Below are some questions about the story to use while reviewing with your child. You may also read the book online at think central with the login of your child's last name and first 3 letters of first name and the passwords bulldogs.

  1. What is the setting of the story?
  2. Why do you think the neighbors want Red to stay at school?
  3. What has Miss Fry noticed about Moe?
  4. Using what you've read in the story and seen on the pictures so far, why do you think the students are bringing such unusual pets to school?
  5. Why do you think the parents are so happy that Miss Fry loves pets?
  6. Look at the pictures. What is going on in the pictures? Use evidence to support your answer.
  7. Tell me about the ending of the story.

Accelerated Reader

The information on Home Connect was sent home last week.It gives you access to information regarding AR tests that your child has taken.

The best way you can help at home is making sure your child is reading every night for 15-20 minutes and making sure they understand what they are reading. If books are too difficult, it becomes discouraging and we do not want that to happen! Also, having your child read out loud to you is a very meaningful way to practice reading fluency.

If there is a book at home that your child wants to read and they want to see what level it is on, they can find it on the website, ARBookFind, that I have linked below.

Spelling Words

Spelling Test will be on Friday, September 23rd

spin clap grade swim place last test skin drag glide just stage slip drive climb price

*Spelling Homework Reminder: Students are to complete 3 spelling activities from their spelling menu (on the back of the red take home folder) each week. The journals are due back at school by Friday. Please use the backs of pages and if you can put more than one activity on a single page, it would be great!

High Frequency Words

both cold eat find green little long says table we

*Four words from this list will be chosen and tested on the weekly spelling test.


We will continue Unit One of Being a Writer this week. This week we will focus on:

  • Hear and discuss good writing
  • Write sentences to generate ideas
  • Write silly stories
  • Capitalize proper nouns
  • Approximate the spelling of unfamiliar words


Skills this week include:

  • Lesson 22 Drawing pictures and writing number sentences
  • Lesson 23 Dividing a shape in half
  • Lesson 24 Dividing a shape in half two different ways
  • Fact Assessment and Doubles plus 1
  • Written Test

We will have a Fact Assessment on: Thursday, September 22nd and a Written Assessment on Friday September 23rd.

Science and Social Studies

We will continue to learn about landforms.