By Tahlia


Once upon a time there lived a girl called Christy Blue and one day her family went on a camp, she was so happy. So Christy's brothers and sisters went and got some wood for her dad. He was going to have a fire. Mum and Dad got worried because they had been gone for a hour.
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Christy said "I will go and look for them", but when she was walking she was being spied on. She hid behind a bush, then she saw a basket full of mouth watering buns with a little glaze on them. So she ate one and died. Her father looked for Christy

for three days. Dad found Christy's brothers and sisters, Zak, Connor, Dawn, Sian, Olrich and Pip, so dad called 000.

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The police found some buns too and ate them. The one policeman that was left ran to Christy's mum and dad, so they all went to look for Christy. Mum said "look i found Christy". All the others woke up, so the devil found the most poisonious bun and ate it.
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