Soulful Voyages

Jhene Aiko

Literal Meaning

I have looked everywhere for someone

to catch my attention

when I feel worthless and doubtful,

your presence makes me happy

you make me forget all my troubles

I love everything about you

Your presence is

the medicine to my everyday pain

to be honest, you're a guider, guiding lives

I could listen to you all day and know what you feel

Whenever I am lost, I look for you to save me

We could never leave each other it's like we're meant to be

you know my deep emotions, soon everyone will know your greatness

Maybe even love what you have to offer, and you'll become the best

You're a special person that can be noticed by far, I adore you

you have an angelic aura

about to take off quickly, don't let anyone stop you

Take a long walk and clear your mind


Jhene Aiko is in need of someone that can connect to her and help her when she is feeling lost or down. Jhene finds this person that she adores so much. This person motivates her to look past her troubles and doubts. This person is like a drug to her everyday pain. Whenever the she is down she looks to this person for advice.She adores this person, because he or she connects to her soul. She feels like they are soul mates, because of how well they can connect. Jhene is speaking directly to the person who inspires her. You can trust that her feelings are truthful because of how deep she expresses appreciation for him or her. The mood is calm. Jhene's tone is peaceful and encouraging. It would be more appropriate to read this poem with a calm but assuring voice. When I think of how to read this poem I think of calm waters and seas.


The poem is free form to give deeper meaning of how the speaker feels. The attitude of the poem moves from doubtful to encouraging. The verbs are placed in front of the nouns to create an exaggerating effect. There are commas in the middle of some lines to stress the thoughts or feelings. The name of this poem is Soulful Voyages. It relates to the character being on a voyage to assure happiness in finding herself. Also, Jhene is looking for someone to connect to her soul.


The word diction is normal for the most part with the exception of some informal words like you'll. In line five, the word recuperate stands out with the mood of encouraging. Jhene refers to this person and her by saying " we could never grow apart like the sand and the seashore (Aiko 9)." She is referring to them being so connected it is almost like they are stuck together forever. Jhene also refers this person to having an encouraging soul " your petite eyes are a hip hop bridge where lyrical angels dwell (AIko 13)." A lot of her imagery gives deeper meaning and emotion towards the reader.

Musical Devices

There is not a rhyme scheme. The poem is although rhythmic. There is consonance where she says "to be specific, you're a pacific, sailing souls (Aiko 6)." The tonal effect is catchy or very rythmic.
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