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Dr. Laura Ashley Richardson

As a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, Dr. Richardson's goal is to help the society become healthier and more active with real life approach to nutrition as well as lifestyle counseling. With current techniques, she uses her support of scientific and social research to change people's eating habits everyday. Dr. Richardson bases her practice on the philosophy that each person is very different. With this in mind, she realizes that each person's nutrition and physical activity needs are unique. Her use of different instruments and techniques, including Readiness to Change and Motivational Interviewing, are her key ways for making change. Working in the field for 20 years, Dr. Richardson has high experience and will help change our society to healthier and happier people.

Contact Info

274 Black Oak Trace, Suite 309

Woodstock, GA 30189

Phone: (770) 291-0428

Fax: (678) 484-3917