All about Athens

Girls education

Girls didn't go to school at all, they just stayed home and their mother taught them spinning, weaving and other household duties

Only wealthy families taught their daughters how to read, write, do sports and play the lyre

Women had NO rights

Boys education

Boys had very different educations than girls

they had three teachers, one for reading,writing and stuff like that. the second teacher taught them how to sing and play the lyre. the third teacher taught them sports.

At age 18 boys were citizens

Ages of war

Only men went to war

  • At age seven boys left families and went to the barracks ( to train for war) when at the barracks boys were treaded horribly
  • At age 20 they join the real army
  • At age 30 men may leave the barracks (still in army)
  • At age 60 they may retire, men are still "in the army" if they are needed they with go to war

Men are expected to die in war

They weren't allowed to surrender because it was a sign of weakness

building the democracy

Early Athens was ruled by nobles during the 600s b.c . an assembly of all citizens existed but they had very few powers. The government was a oligarchy

Over the years people started to make a council of 500 citizens to help out with business and stuff like that. Athenians chose the members of the council in a yearly lottery. The council proposed laws, dealt with foreign countries, and oversaw the treasury. People had a lot more say in making laws.

The olympics

Only men could participate in and watching the olympic games. athletes competed by themselves, not as a group. contest included running, jumping, wrestling, and boxing.

roles of men

man usually worked in the morning and then exercised or attended meetings of the assembly. At night the upper-class men enjoy a all-male gathering, where they drank, dined, and discussed politics and philosophy.

roles of girls

all girls really do is clean, cook, and teach their daughters how to do household tasks, spinning, weaving. They weren't allowed out of the house without a guy, over 18.