All About Me

Zachary Weston

my Hobbies

My hobbies are to roam around the woods to build and explore.


My activities are golfing, fishing, camping, karate, and obstacle courses.

my school subject strengths

My school subject strengths are math, art, social studies, English, science, and music.

my Values

My values are being creative, and helping others is very important to me.

three ways i am smart

I'm nature smart, picture smart, and self smart. *Nature smart means that I am knowledgeable for the natural environment. *Picture smart means I tend to think in pictures and read maps, charts, and diagrams easily. *Self smart means that I try to understand my inner feelings, strengths, goals, weaknesses, and relationships with others.

my learning style

One of my learning styles is reading is at 40%. Another one of my learning styles is talking through math is at 53%. My last learning style is learning with others at 56%.

my Holland code

My Holland code is investigative, conventional, and realistic.

my three career clusters

My job clusters are information technology, public safety, science technology and math.

the job I researched and salary

Conservation Wardens need a 4-year bachelors degree in criminal justice, wildlife science, or natural resources. A Conservation Warden gets a salary between $31,870 to $70,750.