The Pledge - U.S.A.

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to my flag

And the republic for which it stands

One nation, indivisible, with liberty

And justice for all.

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1923- "the flag of the United States"...for immigrants to know which flag they were pledging

1924 - "of America" be specific for immigrants and show patriotism after WW I

1954 - "under God" ... possibly in response to Cold War fears with communist Russia

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Breaking it down...

“I pledge allegiance” (a person's formal promise to be loyal)

“to the flag” (a cloth symbol that represents a country)

“of the United States of America” (each bordered area of land that has committed to join together to make a country)

“and to the Republic” (a republic is a form of government where people choose their leaders to make decisions)

“for which it stands,” (the flag represents the country and the form of government)

“one nation” (a single country)

“under God,” (the people serve and believe in one supernatural being)

“indivisible,” (the country cannot be split into parts)

“with Liberty and Justice” (with freedom and fairness)

“for all.” (for every person in the country)

The Salute...The Controversy

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Children in the U.S.A saluting during the pledge

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Children saluting Hitler during WW II

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So, the salute became the hand over the heart