Fill the role of the President of the United States

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The requirements to apply to be the President of the United States are as listed. You must be 35 years old, native born American citizen, must have lived in the United States for 14 years.

Duties, Roles, and Responsibilitys

The roles that you will have to play as the President are Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Party leader, Economic leader, Head of State, and Legislate leader. You will have control of most of the country so you are expected to lead our country to greatness but also keep an appropriate manner in doing so.

Compensation and Benefits

Despite having one of the most demanding and critical jobs in the world there are plenty of benefits. You will get paid $400,000 a year and will have extra money for expenses and travel. The benefits of being President are you get to use Camp of David, you get a fleet of special cars, helicopters, and airplanes.

Why President?

Some people ask the question why should I want to be the President? You can simply answer because you get to control and country and get a bunch of cool stuff. But, at the end of the day that's not it. When you become President you become everyones role model. You get to control the most amazing country in the world, while doing amazing things for the people. Don't do it for the fame or the money, do it because you love this country.