Ralph Lauren

Tit'yana Whittenburg and Lamara Johnson

Personal Statistics

Born on October 14th

attended Baruch college

Married to ricky loew with 3 children

originally born Ralph Lifshitz, changed his name when he was 16.

1967 began designing men's neckties

Awards and Tributes

7 COTY awards and was inducted into the COTY Hall of Fame in 1986

Lifetime Achievement Award in 1992

Tribute for 25 years of impact on American style

Designer of the year in 1996

Proper classification terms

Polo would be considered better.

Polo isn't budget clothing

Semi-upper class

Polo shirts range from $30-$300

for Men, women, and children

Things you need to know about Ralph

Lauren started the company in 1967

Estimated net worth is $5.8 billion; 173rd richest person in the world

Started the company when he received a $50,000 loan.