MIT Mom Newsletter

3rd Edition


I hope you all had a fantastic Passover and spring break. I am pumped and ready to get back to buisness and I hope y’all are too!

If you haven’t yet seen Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy from SNL talk about his brother, Ethan—A BBYO Member –check it out here! BBYO is so culturally relevant and cool!:

Our next counterpart meeting will be Sunday April 26 at 8pm


MIT Mom Counterpart Meeting

Sunday, April 26th, 8pm

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Upcoming Dates

April 20th - Raising Cane's GHC Fundraising Dinner

April 25th - GHC Walkdowns

April 26th - AZAA Championship Game

April 26th - Counterpart Meeti

April 27th - BBG Stand-UP week begins

May 2nd - ATX and SA Beau/Sweetheart Dances

May 3rd - Founders' Day

May 3rd - AZAA All-Star Game

May 3rd - BBGG Girls Achieve Grapeness @ Define


Lonestar Region is currently at 872 total members! We are starting our Race to 900. Our goal is to have reached the “finish line” by May 11th. I want all of y’all to be actively participating in this initiative! It is super important that we reach our membership goal so we have plenty of freshmen coming in next year.

Girls Achieve Grapeness BBGG At Define: body & mind Benefitting Houston BBYO FAN

Sunday, May 3rd, 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Define body & mind Montrose Studio (3209 Montrose Blvd)

Minimum $20 Donation benefiting Houston BBYO FAN

Member and Parent Chairs: Abby and Anna Eastman, Emma and Susan Danziger, Ilana and Lauren Vines, Ellie and Shari Spier, Mara and Zoe Van Nostrand

Young Alumni Chairs: Allie Danziger, Esther Freedman, Liz Rubinsk

All Current BBG Members, Alumni, and Parents are invited to get their spin on at Define body & mind!

Define revolution, like indoor cycling, combines isometrics with cardio blasting, high intensity fun. Following the rev class enjoy mingling with BBGs of past and present, giveaways and free nail polish changes from the Ogle School in the limited edition Girls Achieve Grapeness color. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to participate in Houston's hottest workout and support BBYO Lonestar Region.

Note: Spaces are limited and advanced registration is strongly recommended. Spin shoes are required for Define revolution classes and are available to rent for free at Define

Keep Calling Prospects!

Make sure to have a calling document and share it with me


Amanda and Lexi:

Amazing job on your sisterhood sleepover and life! I had such a great time at both and am so proud of y’all!

Becca and Julia:

Thank you so much for making calls on the Ra’naan doc and being super helpful with supportive in that! Have y’all been inviting prospects to these events and asking them to join? Also how is beau/sweetie planning going?

Sarah and Gabi:

Thanks for letting me j chill at Malev sisterhood retreat! I had a fantastic time and y’all did an amazing job with your separates program! Have y’all invited prospects to anything? How is life planning going?

Nikki and Ashley:

Hey BAMFS! How was y’alls sisterhood program? How is life planning going? That is pretty soon!

Savannah and Julia:

I heard y’all had an awesome sisterhood night on the 18th! How did everything go? What have y’all been doing to make sure life is special for Brooke?

Illana and Nikki:

I heard life planning is going great! I know y’all only have one senior but what else are you doing to still make it special and meaningful?

Katie and Caitlin:

I have y’alls prospect lists! What events have you guys been inviting 8th graders too? Are you going to invite them to Sababa suppers?

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  3. Your RSVP to the meeting
  4. How you are going to participate in #raceto900
  5. A goal for the rest of the term
Respectfully Submitted With Undying Love For,

BBG #63, Lonestar Region #73, Logan Co, MIT/AIT 2015, #raceto900, girls achieve graveness, BBGG, and each and every one of you!

I remain,

Emma Sophie Danziger