Avid Fall Exam

Briana Date 7th grade 1-11-16


This year, I learned a lot of information in many ways. I got stronger over the months and avid has helped me in life in general. The things we do in avid made me into the person I am now.

Cornell Notes

Cornell notes has had a big impact on my grades. It has made me be more organized with my notes. It has helped me remember the things I learned in class that day. Learning the right way to HD our notes has helped me study the right way and find the important details of what we learned in class that week/day. Most of the notes I take in class appear on a test or quiz we have later that week.



Tutorials over the past semester has helped me understand the subject I was having problems with. The tutors in my group have given me hints of what to do next when I'm having problems with the topic instead of just giving me answers. When the tutors in my group don't know what to do, the tutor comes and assists if they're are any problems. As the semester has gone by, my grades have gotten better because of tutorials. When it comes time to reflect on what I learned, I realize where I went wrong.



My organization has gotten better over the semester. As I got into seventh grade, it has made a noticeable improvement. My binder is in a specific order which helps it keep it neat and tidy. Now, if I drop my binder, no papers would fall out.


Writing Skills

My writing skills have gotten to a higher level since I've been in avid. The amount of times we wrote this semester has helped me practice my writing skills outside of Language Arts and Reading. It has also helped me manage my time writing so I only write down the important information I needed in my quick write since we only have a certain amount of time to write our thoughts.


Community Service

The four hours of community service we did the last couple of months has had a big impact on not just me, but the other students in avid and all the different parents. By the end of that day, we all felt good about what we did to help the children in need of food during thanksgiving time. Some of the work required a lot of strength while others, didn't need much strength. That experience will always have a big impact on me and I will never forget that time.


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Public Speaking

Public speaking has helped me get over my shyness I had before I reached seventh grade. It's still there, but it has gotten better. I'm not as scared to present in front of a small crowd as I used to. But, I still don't think I have the courage to speak in front of a large crowd. I learned the different ways to help improve my presentation. We learned about body language, eye contact, pronounciation, poise, voice, and more. It is important to achieve all of these ways so your nervousness doesnt't show during your presentation.



Next semester, I will maintain to do well in these areas. As the year goes by, I will try to get my grades up by studying harder, turning work in on time, and more. By the end of the year, I should see a major improvement from when I started out in seventh grade.