Edgewood-Colesburg Preschool

September 16, 2013


In Preschool we use the project or study approach (info. can be found on Google if you enter “preschool project approach”). This approach is an in-depth investigation of a topic. The topic is chosen by the interest of the children, instead of being a pre-determined theme. This approach is more of a child-led learning experience. The length of these projects will depend on the interest of the children. Although the project is an important part of our curriculum, it is integrated to all the other work included in our curriculum (Jolly Phonics, Handwriting Without Tears, etc.) Some examples of projects we did last year include: Pumpkins, Sound, Boxes, Ramps. I enjoy this approach and think the children are more engaged and involved in their learning!! Please let me know if you have questions/concerns about this!

Our first project we are doing is a Truck Project. This project came about because we have many trucks that drive by our window each day. The children have noticed this and commented about it. So far we have explored many books on trucks and had the opportunity to play with different types of trucks during center time. Last week we made a curriculum web and the children told me all of the things they knew about trucks. Many trucks were named. As the weeks go on we may narrow our project to a specific type of truck-we'll have to see!


Every other week the preschoolers will be meeting with Book Buds. The M/Th. class is with Mrs. Putz' 3rd graders and the T/F class is with Miss Peyton's 6th graders. They have met with them twice so far. While together, the older children will read books to the preschoolers or work on a project together. This week they are working on a Homecoming project! This is a great community building activity that the children always look forward to!!


*Homecoming Parade-Sept. 20th at 1:30 p.m. The T/F class will be attending the parade.


"Children are our greatest untapped resource." - Dalai Lama

Edgewood-Colesburg Preschool

Mrs. Dawn Askeland
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