Dennis Nilsen

European Serial killer


  • His parents had an unhappy marriage, so his mom and siblings live with there grandfather, who he adored.
  • Due to his grandpas sudden death and the viewing of his grandpa, led to his psychopathology.
  • His mother re-married, and had four more children, which left Dennis lonely and withdrawn.
  • He said he knew about his homosexual attractions, but did not act on them as an adolescent, and he joined the army at age 16.


  • Nilsen's first murder was 1978, he had been at a bar and got a young man to come home and sleep with him, and when he woke up he didn't want the guy to leave so he first strangled him with a tie, then drowned him in a bucket of water, he then washed the body and attempted to have sex with it, but failed and slept next to it instead, he late put the body under his floorboards.
  • his second was the same as the first he lured a young man into his apartment and he didnt want him to go so he killed him and put him under the floorboards, and would occasionally take them out and talk to them.
  • He went on a killing spree and started running out of space to put bodies, his neighbors started smelling something and he told them it was just the old foundation, so he would strip naked and dissect the bodies of there organs
Interview with Dennis Nilsen (Murder In Mind, Carlton TV, 1993)