Come to Pennsylvania

Experience a land of peace, equality, and abundance!

Join a Free and Equal Colony

William Penn came to Pennsylvania with other people seeking religious freedom and equality. With fertile soil, rolling hills, and lumber everywhere, Pennsylvania has everything you will need.You will not need to fear more prejudice from dogmatic religious officials. Join the colony of Pennsylvania and live in harmony with your neighbors. With no beggars, no king, no mandatory religion, no inequality, and no hunger, Pennsylvania is a living heaven.

Geography and Climate

The vast area of rich, fertile soil in Pennsylvania provide a surplus of food. Besides the farmlands, there is also plentiful lumber. The Delaware and Susquehanna river also run through this wonderful region, providing quick and easy transportation. The warm, humid summers in Pennsylvania are comfortable and help moisturize soil.


Here in Pennsylvania, there is religious freedom. Many people here are Quakers, and we believe in the right to worship whomever and whatever we please.


We are one of the first to represent true democracy. In this colony, there are no specific social classes, and we are all equal. In other words, we are a self-governing land of equality.