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Los Angeles Unified School District Graduate Seminar

Fluency Pathway for Leading Content Area Literacy: Academic Vocabulary & Deep Questioning

What is a “Fluency Pathway”?

A Fluency Pathway is a series of learning experiences which are explicitly focused on a small, discrete set of learning outcomes. A Fluency Pathway focuses the activity of change to a set of two to three specific actions. The goal of a Fluency Pathway is fluent adult action. Learners progress from “knowing”, to the ability to apply their knowledge, to the final step of being able to train and coach with confidence. They become fluent in their understanding.

The Meeting Schedule for this Graduate Seminar

Participants will be expected to attend:

  • Four 3-hour onsite sessions
  • One 3- hour Capstone Session in June 2016

Participants will receive:

  • Eighteen (18) video PLC Discussion Expert Sessions of 15 minutes each.
  • Each PLC Discussion Expert Session includes a set of discussion questions for the PLC, a set of slides with content, and at times an article to read and a hands-on activity.
  • PLC Discussion Expert Sessions are released approximately every two weeks.

Participants will be asked to complete:

  • A 30 minute activity at the halfway mark (likely December) and a 30 minute activity prior to the Capstone Session (likely May) as a leadership team.

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