Mystery Genre Report

By: Franca Pineda

Usual Characteristics of the Mystery Genre

There is always going to be a case, mystery, or missing person/thing. Usually mystery genres contain a bad guy of some sorts, for example in the film Nancy Drew (released in 2007) the villain Dashiel Zachary Biedermeyer did many bad things to the daughter of Dehalia Draycott just because he wanted the will of passed away Dehlia Draycott.

Likes and Dislikes of the Mystery Genre


I love this genre because solving mysteries is an eventful read! It also contains multiple plot twists and up down climaxes.


Sometimes when I read even if it is a great book I just don't appeal to the book and it'll make it a boring read if I'm not into it. And sometimes it takes a while for things to get interesting in a book.

5 Examples of Mystery Genre Books

  1. The Hardy Boys: The Clue in the Embers By: Franklin W. Dixon
  2. Far Far Away By: Tom McNeal
  3. Picture Perfect By: Elaine Marie Alphin
  4. The 39 Clues: The Sword Thief By: Peter Lerangis
  5. Trash By: Andy Mulligan

Three Films Based Off of Three Mystery Genre Books

  1. Dark Places Written By: Gillian Flynn, Directed By: Gillies Paquet-Brenner
  2. Gone Girl Written By: Gillian Flynn, Directed By: David Fincher
  3. Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase Written By: Carolyn Keene, Directed By: William Clemens

To Readers

If you're not a mystery genre person, just try to read one mystery book. You'll get hooked and want to keep reading! It's like solving a mystery on your own in these books!