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What Is Basketball

Basketball is a team sport, actually it is the first team sport created in the United States. though the creator of the game was a Canadian, who was teaching in the for only months in the U.S. Naismith wrote set down thirteen rules for his new game.

When Did It Get Popular

By 1992 is when collages started playing basketball, but it played long before. In 1904 people played with wooden back boards. Men played professional way before women were aloud to. They started in the 19 century. The game was an Olympic event in Germany 1936.

Michel Jordan Speech

'' Every time I step onto the court, if you're against me, you're trying to take something from me. i don't like the other team to win. i just don't want the other team to win.''

Age To Play

Now you can start playing basketball at age five. You cannot steal until you are 9 years old. There are more than 500,000 boys and girls participating in the youth ages 5-14 in the year of 2002-2003. High school had 549,500 people in the year of 2002-2003.

Types Of Fouls



*Hand holding


*Flagrant Foul

Lots Of Points

The Rens won 88 games a row. On March 2,1962 Philadelpha center Wit Chamberlain scored 100 in one game. That is the most points one played has ever scored in one game. Kareem Adduljabbar, who player for 20 seasons scored the most points in one crier with 38,387. Lenny Winksis a coach that won more games then any other.