The Great Migration

By Dylan Ruetz

This flyer is about the great migration.When there were racial tensions the whites hated the blacks and the blacks hated the whites.The great Migration was from 1910 through 1970.
During the great migration it made 6 million african americans move.
at the end pf the second migration had become urbanized population
Also did you know that 1910 through 1970 blacks moved 14 states in the south
by the end of world war 1 1 million blacks moved fro the suth
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Many blacks made there own cities because of the great migration.
The females had the hardest time because not that many people were hiring for females
The recruiters enticed the african americans to come to the north.
And finnaly the great migration made a politcal era
The great migration was very depressing because the blacks werre homeless and they had no where to go and alot of paernts died and kids so it was very depressing
The Great Migration was so inportant because it changed how the blacks saw themselves from now to then so they could feel like they are americans.