Act 5 Scene 1

Out Damn'd spot

Both film versions had their likes and differences but they both weren't what I had expected. Either way both of them had a dark setting. and both version had lady Macbeth screaming for a long time with a frantic tone.

In my own opinion I believe the 2010 version was way more accurate than the older version that being because the setting for the older version was outside next to a big rock and also lady Macbeth sounds real bipolar. I liked the new version better to be honest because it seemed more accurate to me and because the characters were good actors.

One real important difference I noticed in the older version was that at the end of the scene Macbeth shows up out of no where. Its significant because that is not scripted in the play. Although I did find one similarity between the two scenes, it was when Lady Macbeth did a very loud scream for a very long time.