Campbell Creek Science Center

Raven Correspondence School, Anchorage Office

Campbell Creek Science Center

Friday, Sep. 18th, 9:45am-1:30pm

5600 Science Center Drive

Anchorage, AK

Who: Grades K-12

What: Always a favorite field trip - a half-day at the Campbell Creek Science Center!

Cost: $12/student - Payable by CASH at the Anchorage Raven Office by Wednesday, 9/16.

What Will My Student Learn?

Grade K - Fossil Finders

Children dress up as dinosaurs and learn about special features that helped these ancient reptiles get around, defend themselves, and eat different foods. Junior paleontologists make fossil imprints and go on a mini-excavation. Throughout the day, children embark on a dinosaur safari and a tracking expedition of Alaska’s animals.

Grades 1-2 - Salmon Stories:

What makes a fish a fish? Explore fish characteristics as well as those unique to salmon. Children follow the life cycle of a salmon from egg to spawning adult. They recreate the salmon’s journey from fresh water to the sea and back again. Active games and puzzles engage students as they learn about the changes in form and habitat that take place over the fascinating life of a salmon.

Grades 3-5 - Forest Detectives:

Students solve forest mysteries and learn about food chains, predator/prey relationships, and habitats. Through games and forest exploration, students learn how the living and non-living parts of an ecosystem are connected.

Grades 6-12 - Creekside Curiosities:

Explore ecosystem concepts and connections by investigating the aquatic habitats and riparian areas of Campbell Creek. Students familiarize themselves with the stream ecosystem through sensory awareness activities and demonstrations. In addition, students collect and analyze data about riparian ecosystems.

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