Goldilocks & The 3 Little Bad Pig

By Davin

The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Goldilocks .She went out for a walk in the afternoon The Three Little Bad Pigs went and robbed Goldilocks.The Third Little Bad Pig said,”We have to get out of here” 2 Hours Later

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Goldilocks said “Wheres my stuff”? .Then the Next day Goldilocks mum saw The Three Little Bad Pigs

robbing Goldilocks house again.

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Goldilocks mum took her super power and hit The Three Little Pigs and called the police The Three Little Little Bad Pigs got locked for 79 years and were never seen in the light forest ever again.Luckly Goldilocks mum was able to find where Goldilocks stuff was with her super power and Goldilocks was able to afford a cheap car so she did not have to walk.Then Goldilocks and her mum had a party at their house and lived happily ever after.The End.By Davin

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