HMS Speech-Language Newsletter

April 2014

As I write this, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and...there is sleet on the ground. You have to love spring in New England! As we look at fourth quarter and the final units of the school year, please continue to reinforce the importance of persistence with your student. We all get discouraged sometimes, but every time we push forward and get through to the other side of a difficult task, we are that much better at achieving the next goal.
Above is a link to this month's article. It is another that I've encountered as part of the graduate class I'm taking. It is a bit long, but you get the gist after a bit. It describes "grit" as something needed in today's society, and as something that many adults and children alike are lacking. We as special educators walk a fine line among assisting, accommodating, and enabling. We try never to cross that line and to do too much to help a student get something done. If they can use "grit" and get through, it's like exercise. That "muscle" will be a bit stronger next time they try to use it.
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