Exhibition Reflection!

By: Sophia Catalina Leiva

I am working in a group with Vibha and Mia. They have also created a flyer- PLEAS CHECK THEM OUT!!! To go to to their flyers click the bottom down below!!!

Week 1 30/4/15

Week one of our Exhibition was a little bit tricky at first because we had to: Get our mentors time table which was really hard to do because our mentor was Ms. Whaley and she mostly was busy and another reason was she is a grade one teacher and she always had meetings. The good news was that we got put into a girl group and we are all best buddies which meant that we worked super well together and we always shared our ideas.
My Topic is Health and Fitness just to let you know!!!

Here are some pictures!!!

Week 2 7/5/15 - ACTION PLAN

The action our group plans on doing is conducting a survey to find out what the students at our school know about regular exercise and eating healthy food. Then we are going to make a presentation to teach the students about being more active and what kinds of food to eat. Maybe we will interview the cooks at the cafeteria to see if they make healthy food and if we can make some changes to their menu. We hope to teach the kids at uptown how to live a healthier life and make healthier choices.

Week 2 7/5/15 - 1 NEW THING I'VE LEARNED

I have learned that eating healthy food can make a big difference to your lifestyle. It will affect your health as you get older. If we don't start eating healthy as kids we will become ill as we get older and we will have troubles. We could become obese and have heart problems. We could have back and knee problems too.

Week 3 14/5/15 - Learner Profile

This week I was a good communicator. Although I was away, I connected with my group on google drive to see how I could help them and find out if there was any questions I could answer.

I was a thinker this week. I thought about my causation questions and ways to keep fit and healthy.

I was good at caring this week, I shared my ideas with my group and they shared their ideas with me. We agreed on our ideas together.

Week 3 14/5/15 - Change?

It would be great if all kids, both boys and girls in all countries, could have access to different kinds of physical activities for free so that they could have fun, stay fit and strong mentally and physically. This could decrease medical costs for countries as people got older and it would improve everyone's quality of life and happiness.

Week 4 23/5/15 - weekly reflection

This week I became more aware of all the things I needed to do for my group. I also had changed my attitude about being more organised about the things my group had told my to do. I felt very proud of are group for doing all of are questions and already starting are action! This week I was surprised that our mentor was really happy that we had done are work properly she gave us a lolly pop! So this week was really good. I'm proud of are group!