miGoogle 2015

A statewide edtech conference in your backyard

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MiGoogle Conference

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 8:30am-4pm

7878 Brighton Road

Brighton, MI

Registration begins at 7:30 in the BCPA.


8:30- 9:55 Keynote

10:10-11:00 Session 1

11:10-12:00 Session 2

12:00 - 1:00 Lunch (provided)

1:10 - 2:00 Session 3

2:10 - 3:00 Session 4

3:10 - 4:00 Demo Slam

Keynote Speaker: Andrew Stillman

Andrew is most well know for his pioneering work in the area of Google Apps Scripts and Add-Ons for the classroom, including Doctopus, Goobric, Form Mule, Autocrat, Chrome Inventory, Page Meister, Site Meistro, and many more! These, and many other add-ons are developed within the New Visions Cloud Lab which is dedicated to tooling-up school-makers with free, flexible building blocks for the redesign of teaching and learning.

Break Out Sessions

There will be about 70 total presentations available to you during the breakout sessions throughout the day. Topics range from managing your g-mail and using Google Classroom to using advanced scripts and add-ons. From elementary to high school, including special education, administration and even music, there are sessions to fit everyone.

You can view more information about the sessions here.

Important Information for Brighton Staff

Brighton Area Schools is hosting the miGoogle conference for the 3rd year. Unlike some participants that will travel hundreds of miles for this statewide conference, you can attend with just your normal daily commute.

One perk of hosting is free registration. Brighton Area Schools has 134 free registrations. BAS Teachers and administrators can count this toward their DPPD for this school year. Since the state no longer limits teachers to 30 hours of DPPD each year, it is worth it to attend, even if you have a plan for your flex PD this year. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity, complete this form to request a free registration


E-mail questions about the conference to Lynette Daig daigl@brightonk12.com