Cheap Land and No Persecution!

By Avery B. and Parker J.

Getting Tired of Political and Religious Persecution?

Here in America people can be whom ever or what ever they please to be. When you are in our country you can be apart of the government and make suggestions about what you want to happen. Now lets be honest if you were to do that in your country you'd probably be thrown in jail or even killed.



There are many chances to get rich. The gold that can be mined is in the Klondike region of the Yukon in Canada. Sure it's just a little bit farther than you are already having to travel but when you find the gold your going to become rich faster than you could ever imagine.

Come to America

It's a wonderful place with thousands of opportunities. No more persecution, torture. we even have cures to the diseases that most countries don't

Travel times

We are taking a boat that will usually last about a week, but the service is incredible. There will be many games and festivities that will be hosted. There is going to be a diner to order gourmet food and drinks.