History of Racism.

Randy Markel Jr.

How it started!

Slavery began when European merchants started the Triangular Trade. Slavery was brought here by the Triangular Trade . Slave ships would bring over slaves from Africa to the United States. Most of the blacks were treated very badly by whites. More of the slaves were in the south because cotton was grown in the south and they needed workers to pick cotton in the fields all day.

North vs South

Treated Poorly.

Slaves in America were treated poorly. Most slave labor, however, was used in planting, cultivating, and harvesting cotton, hemp, rice, tobacco, or sugar cne. On a typical plantation, slaves worked ten or more hours a day, "from day clean to first dark," six days a week, with only the Sabbath off. At planting or harvesting time, planters required slaves to stay in the fields 15 or 16 hours a day. When they were not raising a cash crop, slaves grew other crops, such as corn or potatoes; cared for livestock; and cleared fields, cut wood, repaired buildings and fences. On cotton, sugar, and tobacco plantations, slaves worked together in gangs under the supervision of a supervisor or a driver. They would sleep on the floor or very thin mats. It is a mistake to think that slave labor was mostly unskilled brutish work. Cultivation of cotton, tobacco, rice, and sugar requires careful, painstaking effort. On larger plantations, masters relied on slave carpenters, bricklayers, blacksmiths, wheelwrights, tanners, tailors, butchers, masons, coopers, cabinet makers, metal workers, and silversmiths.

How Slavery in America ended.

It took until 1865 for slavery to be illegal in the untied States with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. When the war ended they gave black people right to freedom and to vote.
Run, Nigger, Run (song) 12 Years a slave + eng & rus subs

How to improve race relations.

There are still racial tensions in america today. Some of these reasons are because the police are more likely to shoot at a suspect that is African-American. At home little kids are not thought that all people are equal and that just because someones skin color is different that you should treat the person different. My plan to improve racial tensions is to make a TV show.
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