Agnolo Bronzino

By: Kiersten Pidgeon

All About Agnolo

Agnolo Bronzino was born in Monticelli Italy on November 17, 1503. He died on November 23, 1572. Agnolo spent most of his time in Florence Italy and he was trained by Raffeallino del Garbo and Pontormo. He often collaborated with them while working. He created portraits including, Allegory with Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time. Idealism best describes him because he was influenced by many different artists, he was well educated and he observed his teachers because he wanted to learn. In his life, he became a court painter to the Medici Family. Bronzino first received Medici patronage in 1539.

Renaissance Work

Agnolo Bronzino created a fabulous painting called Martyrdom of St. Lawrence and this piece of artwork was created in 1569. What is so unique about this piece of artwork is that the details of the people are very accurate and there are many people in the painting. It is located in Uffizi, Italy today. This painting looks very busy and there are lots of things happening at once, it sort of looks like everyone is crowded in a community bath house because most people don't have their clothes on and everyone seems around one place. Perspectivism best fits the painting because of the columns in the back, they sort of lead the eye into the center of the photo. Also, this painting has a lot of humanism in it because all of the people have a certain form and the statues in the back are meant to show that the human body is important. This piece of artwork is important to me because it is very interesting and there are so many bursts of color scattered throughout. To see a full image, go to

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