Caravel Chronicle

May Edition

It's that time of year again...

We need proctors for our Final Exams and EOGs

Mrs. Smithson and Ms. DeCorah greatly appreciate all of your hard work and assistance this year with your students success and the well needed supplies we have asked for all year. We are in need of your help one last time, for our end of the year exams. We understand that this is a big commitment and the majority of an entire day. However, we need up to 60 volunteers during our EOG days to make these test possible. If you are available for one (or all) of these dates, please let us know by completed the attached form.

Duties include: Monitoring test sessions for EOGs (up to 4 and ½ hours), and Final Exams (up to 2 and ½ hours).

Requirements: Must be at least 18 years old, and willing to volunteer your time.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Important Dates


May 30 - Science Final Exam (and Early Release Day)

May 31 - ELA EOG

June 1 - Math EOG

June 3 - Social Studies Final Exam

May 2 - April's Create project and PSJ due

May 4 - Statistics Test in math

May 6 - Midterm Grades are available - Students will need you to initial their purple R&P grade tracker paper.

May 11 - Soil, Plants and Ecosystems Test in science


May 29 - Carefree Caravel Day

May 30 - Early Release

May 30 - Science Final Exam

Arboretum Field Trip

What's Happening in our classes

Language Arts and Social Studies

Language Arts- Students are currently researching topics for their Middle Ages themed research project. Last week, students picked their topics and began researching background information. Each topic has a question that students will eventually answer by "picking a side" and supporting with evidence. For example: Vikings: Brutal Barbarians or Civilized Society? Robin Hood: Fact or Fiction? Once projects are complete, we will begin our "Road to EOG Success" review. The Reading EOG is on Tuesday, May 31st.

Social Studies- Last week, we completed our unit on Ancient Rome. We are currently studying the Middle Ages, focusing on topics such as the barbarian invasions of Europe, Feudalism, the Magna Carta, Crusades, and everyone's favorite- the Plague. Our test is tentatively set for May 13th. Students will be receiving study guides early next week. Our final unit will be on the Mayas, Incas, and Aztecs. We will begin reviewing to prepare for our Social Studies NC Final Exam, which will on June 3rd.

Math and Science

As we start May, we are wrapping up our topics and units in both math and science.

Math: Students will be testing on their Statistics unit, our last for this school year. After this unit, we will begin EOG review. Students will work as an entire class, individual as well as leveled group to best meet each students needs to be successful on this test. If you or your students have any concerns about the test or topics we are covering, please let me know, the sooner I can address issues the better, thank you.

In addition, I invited students to attend after school EOG preparation workshop sessions, which began the last week of April. I will continue these sessions, throughout May, if you or your student is interested, and didn't receive an invitation, please have your student talk to me about it.

Science: Students are finishing up our last unit on Ecology, which has been grouped with soil formation, as well as flowers. Our trip to the North Carolina Arboretum helped us explore topics and concepts that we were unable to cover in class. Students worked in groups to create study a plot of land in the forest and/or meadow. Students identified and recorded the biotic and abiotic factors they found in these ecosystems. Then as a group, we analyzed and compared the results between the two studied ecosystems. Students also identified common trees found in North Carolina, including the tree that contains our state flower the Dogwood. Students also reviewed the functional parts of a flower by dissecting the flower and identifying the various part needed for survival.