Civil Battles in Texas

By Brian Scott


On October 4, 1862 theUnion captured the Galveston port to stop trade

John Magruder recaptured the port using ironclad ships or "cottonclads"

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Sabien pass

September 8, 1863 union ship made it up the pass and fired at at fort to invade TX

Richard Dowling And his 47 men shot cannon balls with high accurate cannons at the ship and won

Dowling won the only 2 metals of honor in the CSA for stoping the invation

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Nathaniel P. Banks Marched into Brownsville to stop trade from a near by fort to mexico.

Confederates blow the fort up with explosives and withdrew

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Red River

William Sherman and Nathaniel Banks tried invading Texas from red river to sucuare a port

Richard Taylor stopped invading union army

Last won Confederate battle

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Palmino Ranch

After the end of the civil war

John salmon Fail to receive the war was over and was informed by the capered soldiers

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Map of Texas Battles

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The civil war had a big but small affect in Texas. While there were no major battles most of the ports used for trading were destroyed or badly damaged. And They also got in trouble at Palmito Ranch. Although Texas was not the worst of the Confederate States trading will take awhile to start up again.