Brown for the Kill

John Brown pro-slavery killer

The Kansas-Nebraska Act

The KANSAS-NEBRASKA ACT OF 1854 may have been the single most significant event leading to the Civil War. By the early 1850s settlers and entrepreneurs wanted to move into the area now known as Nebraska. However, until the area was organized as a territory, settlers would not move there because they could not legally hold a claim on the land. The southern states' representatives in Congress were in no hurry to permit a Nebraska territory because the land lay north of the 36°30' parallel — where slavery had been outlawed by the Missouri Compromise of 1820. Just when things between the north and south were in an uneasy balance, Kansas and Nebraska opened fresh wounds.


We spoke to one of the of the family members of the Pro Slavery protest about her experience watching her husband be executed. She says "He deserved it, and he had it coming to him". She says that she worships John Brown for killing her husband. As I went to speak to her children John Brown showed back up at the residents home. We tried to catch up with him and his troops but they rejected our request to interview them.