Research project

by: Noah Bost

what was the biggest idea of the utopian movement?

it made people open their eyes to how bad america was with no rights and so many rules.

the brook farm

It was a haven that suffered from indebtedness, a disastrous fire, and lack of working people. No one was contributing so it only lasted 5 years

The definition of transcendentalism

an idealistic philosophical and social movement that developed in New England around 1836 in reaction to rationalism. Influenced by romanticism, Platonism, and Kantian philosophy, it taught that divinity pervades all nature and humanity, and its members held progressive views on feminism and communal living. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were central figures.

3 transcendentalism authors

-Noah Webster- made the dictionary in american language

-Washington Erving- he found out alot of history about voyages

-Edgar Allen Poe- he wrote really good books to influence america