SAT Directions

The SAT is coming on April 11th!

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles."

The Art of War ~ Sun Tzu

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

The SAT is a very structured test. You have a limited amount of time for each of the multiple choice sections and the essay section. Your time is best spent answering questions and increasing your score rather than wasting it reading directions.

GREAT NEWS: You have access to the directions for each section ahead of time!

Refer to our handout on SAT Directions for exactly what you will see on the SAT for each section. Our recommendation would be to read (and re-read) through the directions for each section. You should familiarize yourself with:

  • What types of questions will be asked?
  • Are there special directions for answering certain questions (math grid-in)?
  • Can you use a calculator or not (math sections)?
  • How much time will you have for each section and how many questions do you need to answer in that time?
  • What kind of response is needed for the essay?

If you know and understand the directions ahead of time, you will:

  • Spend more time answering questions (instead of reading directions) and likely get a higher score.
  • Better pace yourself to get through each section in the allotted time.
  • Avoid losing points for making a mistake filling in answers on math grid-in questions.
  • Write a better essay which is focused on what the scorer/reader will be looking for in your response.

Go Into the SAT Prepared

The SAT can be a stressful experience for any student. Any strategy for decreasing uncertainty and increasing confidence can do a long way toward doing your best on test day. This means familiarizing yourself with the SAT as much as possible and practice, practice, practice.

Our suggestions: Practice on Khan Academy, rehearse Relaxation Strategies, and implement Test-Taking Strategies.

Yours In SAT Preparation, The Huron Valley Schools Counselors