Technology at LV

by: Mitchell Cutler

Typing web

When you first come into the class you do five minutes of typing. It is really fun because it reminds me of the piano when I type. The website is easy to use because all you have to do is log in and then you can just type. For the first semester you have to finish the sentences course, but if you wanted a four then you had to finish the intermediate course. I promise you that if work hard on this that you will be able to finish the intermediate course by the end of the semester.

Career Locker

soon you will start looking at jobs that you might me interested in being when you grow up. It is great looking at all of the possibilities of what you could be. There are tests that you can take that will give you of an idea of what you like or good at. I don't really like tests because I took it and it gave me lots of construction working jobs and I don't like to be someone who works hard for a long time and gets little pay. But maybe it will turn out good for you? Even that I don't like it much I think you could find a good job.

Haiku Deck

After you fink a job you like you do some research on it and you make a Haiku on it in Haiku Deck. I think this was my favorite part because I like to present stuff so I loved it! when you make the Haiku you had to have the job you wanted to do. Then you need a summary of the job, they place you will work at, how much money you will make a year, and what collage you will have to go to to do this job.


you will be doing a iTraler. You will have to pick any topic you want and then you will make a trailer for it as if you were going to make a movie on it. When you have your topic you have to get lots of pictures abd littler clips to put into your trailer. MY iTrailer was about m and how I was a yo-yo master, so I got some pictures and little clips of me doing tricks. I then put them in the order I wanted then In and then I had a trailer!

Explain Everything

For this section you had to pick a math problem, the teacher had all ready for you, and then you had to go into Explain Everything and solve the problem and then record you ding the problem. I think this is one of the easiest things you do in the year. This helps you learn how to teach people things that they don't know.


This by far is may favorite thing that we do all year because I always liked the things we did on the website to me it was just plain fun. When you do it you have to finish up to stage Six-Seven to get a Three but if you wanted to get a Four then you had to finish Eight-Nine. It helps you in programming so if you wanted to have a job that involves programming then you will have a head start.