Tech Tips Tuesday

Youtube and Videos

Stupid Filter!!

Having issues getting to youtube? Does it take you to a cleanvideo filter? Go through your drive to get to youtube and it will open it up some.

Click the grid in the top right from Drive

Click More if you don't already see the icon

Click Youtube

This version will still have filters but it will provide more results then the other website.


Found a video at home but it's blocked when you get here. Email me with the link and what the video is about and the purpose. I can unblock it pretty easy but need to know some background info about the video because once I unblock it it will be viewable by the entire district.

I'm Scared the Internet Will Not Work

When your whole lesson rides on being able to watch a video it's a little terrifying trusting the schools internet.

Find the video and copy the url

Go to and paste in the link

Download the .flv file

Open a Smart Notebook Document

Insert Flash video File

Find the video you just downloaded (usually in the downloads folder)

Resize it to the correct size


There is a video of how to do this below.