John W. Booth

Akyian Loney, Jesse Scherr, Nate Esaw

"Booth was a thrill seeker... increase his excitement by risking the use of a one-shot pistol"

Booth was very risky which explains why he chose an one shot pistol to kill Lincoln. Booth thought this was more gentleman like, risky and more exiting for his cause even though he knew he only had one chance to kill Lincoln.

"Couldn't stand another day of union victory celebration."

This explains his hate for the union and president's idea for free blacks. He thought that blacks and whites should remain separated from each other. This was an indirect thought.

Our Prediction

I think booth will kill the President with his first shot at Ford's theatre, Booth will most likely have an escape plan, but will get caught and sentenced to death.
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"Booth knew the layout of Ford's intimately: the exact spot on 10th street where Lincoln would step out of his carriage."

This shows how obsessive and determined Booth was to kill President Lincoln. Booth thought it was right to kill Lincoln because he was able to think of a plan to kill the President as soon as he found information about the President coming to the theatre. This was a direct quote from the book.

"If he miss or fail to kill the president he would turn to his back up weapon."