Tips about being safe online

What is cyber bulling?

Cyber bulling means to bully someone on a device. Everyday someone wants to bully a person in any device. Gaming can be one for a cyber-bully comes. Just be careful what you do online because you may just be bullying a person. It can hurt a person feeling and may just kill them self. Never be a bully or you can get block or in really big trouble. Just ignore the person because, if you do you will make the bully mad.

Tip for playing online games

v Don’t say any bad words at game

v Just mute or ignore the bully

v If you are the host , just block the person

v Report the person , so they will not play the game no more

v Don’t be friends with people at games , if you don’t know them

v Just don’t be rude to people or else you will be block

v Don't say bad words to the bully or else you will make it worse.

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