Earn @ Home WorkShop

Learn to Earn between $300 and $1000 0r more...

Learn How To Easily Make A Decent Income Online

Yes you can start generating an income with as little as $100..

  1. You will learn blogging and how to earn from it
  2. Learn How to import from China, USA, Dubai things like phones, clothes etc for resell
  3. Learn how to combine combine 1 and 2 above to earn double
  4. Learn the basics of online marketing
  5. Learn how to ex japanese vehicles for resell or personal use
  6. How to get a MasterCard or Visa Card for just $10...

Earn @ Home

Saturday, Aug. 24th 2013 at 9am-3pm

Harare ( TBA)

Yes, not every business is for everyone, however if you think you have:
  • Basic computer knowledge (If you know a mouse and screen, you are fine)
  • Cheerful person
Then you start earning online, no need to go to work or work up every morning

How much does this Cost?

Not So much

For Just $25 dollars you learn all this cool stuff in a matter of hours, you also learn how to clear your goods with Zimra and how to handle shipping...

In fact, you cal learn all this and start teaching other people how to do it... Teach you family members, friends and colleagues, you can even charge them

How To Pay

This is how you pay to attend!

  1. I will be taking EcoCash Payments on my Number 0773 510 978
  2. Or Bank transfers into my account number 30301 7000 2566 FBC Bank, Jason Moyo Branch Bulawayo
  3. Your Bank Deposit Slip is your reciept! Just SMS or email us that you have deposited your cash!

About Me

Well I spent years learning web design, I have spent some time doing trade online and I know what I am talking about, I want to share this with you so that you can benefit from an easier way of making cash

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