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30th September, 2021

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Dear Students,

We came back after a long summer break feeling rested, relaxed, refreshed and renewed, and we began the new semester excited and energized.

This new lease on learning was also reflected this month during Advisory. We began our Advisory sessions getting to know each other better through bonding and team building activities, as our many new students to ASM got to know us better, and we them.

We had many highlights this month such as Community Meetings Celebrating our Seniors, College Counseling Workshops for Seniors and Student Council Introductions to our entire student body. Career assessments and inventories are also very important to us and we got the ball rolling with the Learning Style assessment for our Freshmen. Likewise, Juniors also did their Thriving Index career inventory and were able to download a full report based on their results.

During Advisory we also engaged in meaningful conversations based on two powerful Ted Talks. Our Sophomores watched Questions Every Teenager Needs to Be Asked and our Juniors watched The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong. Processing questions were then posed to engage you on the themes that came out of these presentations and many teachable moments were seized.

Our Counseling Department embarked on a Buddy Program to help new students transition to our community (more below), and our College Counselors have been working hard at getting our seniors ready to submit their college applications.

We are continually upgrading our Comprehensive School Counseling and Advisory Program to make it more engaging and relevant to our current times. We therefore invite you to go over this Newsletter and take in the highlights for this month.

Tessa John-Guerra

US Guidance Counselor

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Our buddy program was focused on helping new students transition easier to our school. ASM students who wanted to serve in that capacity signed up for the program and were matched with new incoming students in their same year level. Some newbies were contacted in the heat of the summer and had already met up with their ASM buddies long before school reopened. A few buddies also supported the ASM Embajadores by wearing their T-Shirt and welcoming the newbies on campus during orientation.


"During the new kid orientation, I conversed with other new kids and am great friends with them to this day. I have also hung out with them (Adam and Alvaro 12th grade) several times since the orientation."

- Katherine Anne Williams


"It was wonderful to help new students and to be a help to my community."

- Samuel Ortega O'Hale


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"My experience with the Buddy Program this summer was wonderful! Not only was this a marvelous experience for me, but also for my buddy, who I was able to talk to regarding many aspects of ASM and the Upper School."

- Alfonso Kurtis de Alzaga


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"My buddy’s name is Ian, and we first got in contact in the middle of August, and when we started school, I helped him around and showed him where everything was."

- Alejandro Perez Pelaez


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Grade 9 Advisory: Quotes for Collaborating

Inspirational words can lay a foundation for affirming values, along with connecting language to purposeful action. In this Advisory students interacted with their peers using quotes for discussion and collaborative expression.

The purpose was to:

  1. Identify expressions that represent personal ideals and values.
  2. Collaborate with peers.
  3. Extend creative ideas through practical application.

Key Skills learned were:

  • Listen effectively
  • Discern value
  • Generate ideas
  • Creative thinking

Quotes were then put up in their classrooms and hallway to inspire others

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Advisory Message from Terrence Dillon Head of Grade 9

Click on the blue button above to see Mr. Terrence Dillon as he shares with us the Grade 9 Advisory plan on creating meaningful art with quotes, as well as plans for the next month.

Grade 10 Advisory: Uncommon Commonalities

Uncommon commonalities are uncommon things that we have in common. These are the rare, unusual or exceptional attributes that we have in common as opposed to the usual and the evident.

The beauty and dynamism of this exercise is when students are having fun figuring out the uncommon things that they didn't realize they had in common with their peers. For them it was a journey of both self-discovery and group-discovery.

The Purpose was to:

  1. Develop Self-Awareness of one's interests, abilities and talents.
  2. To reinforce skills of active listening, asking questions and taking notes.
  3. To build group identity through self discovery of what we have in common and what is unique.
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This video shows you tips and tricks on how to study smarter and not necessarily longer. Take out a pen and paper and write down all the tips and tricks that you learn here.

The 9 BEST Scientific Study Tips

To implement one of the tips in the video above, please find below a template of an after school schedule. It will help you to be more organized, so that way you can study smarter and not longer.

Click on the document above to create your own Study Time Table by making a copy of Tessa's After School Schedule and name the document as you see fit. Then proceed to replace the name and information within with your name and information.

Fill it out as you would like your after school hours to look like.

You can name it My After School Schedule or My Study Time Table or whatever you like.

CLICK HERE to book Tessa for personalized assistance!

If you need help with organizing your time after school or to discuss any other issue, please book an appointment with Tessa by clicking on the blue button above. Then click on: "Next available appointment slot on Oct 4, 2021" for slots for the week.


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Career assessments in general are designed to help students discover their skills, aptitudes, talents and interests. The objective is to lead them to discover new aspects of themselves as they discover new careers in that process. Specifically, assessments are helpful in assisting students to identify their strengths, workstyle, areas of weakness as well as opportunities for growth.

Our students start off their Career Assessments from Grade 9 and continue throughout their four years of High School.

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During Advisory, Juniors were introduced to the Thriving Index assessment that allowed them to see areas where they can work on, to not only survive, but to Thrive.

During this time of year, College Counselors work closely with seniors to finalize university lists, and select and apply to programs that are the “best fit” for each student.

During Advisory, Senors participated in workshops in Maialearning, their University Application management platform. Students applying to the U.S. also benefitted from the Common App workshop which was also offered during Advisory.
Explore Different Careers in Public Health

Click on the button above to see a blog post about it.

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Public Health: Careers
Major Decisions: Public Health
Why Public Health? Jennifer Atlas

We hope you enjoyed the videos above!

Public Health is an interdisciplinary field drawing on the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences as well as the Humanities.

One of the most important themes in Public Health is the disparity in health observed in different groups, for example related to economic resources and race/ethnicity.


The dates are October 28 and 29 so if you are interested please register by clicking on this blue button. The times are 12:00pm to 5:30pm on both days!

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FREE International Virtual University Fair

The purpose of this international fair is to provide free information about different study abroad opportunities, mainly aimed at high school seniors and university students. This fair presents an innovative model through an immersive Virtual Fair in 3D format, which can be visited from anywhere, and in this 2021 edition it focuses on Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Mexico in Latin America and Spain and Portugal in Europe. The information that they are providing is free of charge to the public and will be focused on:

  • Camps
  • Language courses
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • Scholarships

The dates for students in Spain are October 28 and 29 at 12:00pm to 5:30pm on both days. If you are interested please register HERE. You can also see a short video about it here.


Breakthroughs In Learning

When Is The Best Time For Assessment? by Breakthroughs In Learning

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