The Odyssey of Christina Brown

An adventure of South Dakota

The Badlands in South Dakota!

The Badlands make you feel like you're on a different planet. It's so much fun to be there. It's important because its so cool and you could be there for hours. Its so amazing because its so pretty! The Badlands are incredable and it makes you want to come back! Not only is it cool on its own but it's one of Christina Brown's place to be! Our gift shop is so big that Chistina Brown got lost and had the time her life and bought half the gift shop! The badlands are very close to hotels and other cool sites! The Badlands are one of the richest fossil beds. It covers more than 244,000 acres of land. You can travel by walking, driving through, and going on trails! It's convinent and easy. Come check out the Badlands.

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Mount Rushmore in South Dakota

Mount Rushmore is a huge mountain with presidents faces carved into it. Mount Rushmore has fantastic history and the view of Mount Rushmore is amazing. They're the biggest best boulders on earth! Mount Rushmore has amazing history that you can learn about and understand more about the presidents. Even Christina Brown loves to come here. You might even get to see her! It's so important to her, she comes at least three times each year! About three million people each year come to visit Mount Rushmore! Get a close up view of the presidents or far away. Come at night and you can see it with lights shining on the presidents faces.

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Crazy Horse in South Dakota

Crazy Horse is located in Black Hills Custer South Dakota. Crazy Horse is very remarkable traveling spot to go to. It has such fantastic history. Come to see the video of its history and then get a tour on a bus to get the real inside look of the Crazy Horse memorial. Crazy Horse is open year round. On Christina Brown's free time she likes to come and visit Crazy Horse because of how fascinating she thinks it is. She says it reminds her of when she used to go traveling with her family. Crazy Horse is as big as the moon! Make sure to call in an make a trip out to see how amazing South Dakota is, and especially Crazy Horse. Crazy horse is located by so many amazing restaurants and hotels.

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