Andrew Jackson

A World changing man, Hero not Zero

Made the first change in who can vote

All of the other presidents only allowed wealthy white men to vote and Jackson made the first advancement in voting by allowing any white man to vote.

He was a very laid back president.

At this point in time, there hadn't been a president as laid back and non-formal as Jackson, he really started up a lot of the ideas that came later, things like women being able to vote by changing the voting system an letting a new group of people vote was a first at this time. And by

Never is truly defeated

No matter how serious the situation, Jackson never backs down. When state wanted to secede he simply threated to hang their leader, which seems bad, but he got the job done, a job that most people wouldnt be able to
The Andrew Jackson Song

More info

At the age of 17, Jackson became a lawyer right after teaching school and the moved to Salisbury, North Carolina. Andrew Jackson's wife had a man she was married to before Andrew but they got divorced. And for even more fun info, visit
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Andrew Jackson vs. The National Bank

In this photo, Andrew Jackson is supposedly fighting the national bank(the monster) which is supposed to symbolize him taking it down along with its "evil".